our origins

The beginnings

Surprisingly, the NextGrain concept was born from a cereal brokerage company, ABLG Trading. With the company’s successful growth, the three proprietary partners of this intermediation company came to the conclusion that they were contributing to a process that was not sustainable and disrespectful of global environmental boundaries: buy cereals on one side of the planet and sell them to the other.
We decided to look for an alternative path that would be virtuous, environmentally friendly and contribute to the preservation of the planet. We became interested in Brewer’s Spent Grains (BSG) which is the byproduct generated by beer production.

Why ?

Millions of tons of BSG are generated every year around the world and if they are not reused, they become highly polluting for soil, water and air.
Our research has indicated that most of the BSG is not used and ends up polluting somewhere... Large-scale solutions are needed to solve this problem.
Estimated average of unused dreach polluting soil, water and air
The more we valorise spent grain, the more we consume its products, the more this transformation of waste into highly nutritious food resources contributes to reducing its polluting impact on the environment.
We are also helping to reduce the amount of cereals to be grown by reusing those already harvested for beer production. This is an important issue in the context of global warming, rising grain prices and global food issues.
As two of the partners were based in Vietnam, NextGrain Vietnam was born in 2020. The company manufactures flour for human consumption which is sold to various bakeries and cereal bar producers. NextGrain Vietnam is thriving and has begun phase 2 of its development.
We are currently in the final stages of the testing phase for granola and muesli production. The production of noodles, pasta and pizza dough is also being analysed.
Finally, Nextgrain is also developing a project in India to create animal feed made exclusively from by-products such as BSG.