Our values

Sustainable development

Through our actions, we want to contribute to a sustainable world for the good of our children and the future of humanity.
We want to provide solutions that have a positive impact on people’s lives.
We strive to implement environmentally friendly logistics and production processes with the aim of achieving carbon neutral emissions.
We want to enable the food sector to deliver healthier solutions at affordable prices while reducing its carbon footprint.
We aim to create solutions to increase the nutritional level of existing food production at an affordable price and help feed humanity.
NextGrain is committed to the UN Sustainable Development Goals, including:
Hunger ‘zero’
Our products can help fight hunger and malnutrition, by valuing already grown cereals. In addition, our products are full of protein and are a very good plant-based alternative to animal proteins, including those looking to reduce meat consumption in their diet.
Responsible consumption and production
Our products reuse residue from breweries, are nutritious and help preserve the environment.
By making better use of existing resources, there is less need to use more land and water for agriculture.

The fight against climate change

Most studies show that 1 kg of BSG flour used reduces the carbon footprint from 3 to 4 kg.
Let’s say that bakery A uses a total of
kg of wheat flour per month
and decides to replace
of it with NexGrain flour
it represents a reduction of 
kg of carbon emissions per month
This is a total of
kg of carbon emissions avoided per year
Climate change is a reality. Beyond what scientific experts say, we are increasingly feeling its effects and most of us are aware of it, whether we believe it or not.
However, we often feel insignificant thinking about what we can do at our level to prevent it.
The solution is simple... Small but many actions by many people.

Consuming products derived from dreche is not only a great way to contribute to the fight against climate change, but is also ideal for maintaining a healthy diet thanks to its high protein (22 %) and fiber content (53 %), low sugar and very low gluten, not to mention being delicious to taste.